A Video Guide to the 2015 Video Music Awards


MTV’s Video Music Awards are around the corner. The awards will be hosted by Miley Cyrus and will air this Sunday. However, not everyone has time to watch all the music videos up for awards at the VMAs. Heck, not everyone has time to even listen to all the songs up for awards at the VMAs. So, let me give you the highlights, the best music videos, you must watch before the Video Music Awards this Sunday.

If you haven’t seen this music video by now, you may in fact be living under a rock. This video shook the world when it first dropped, as the video is essentially 4:49 seconds of twerking. The iconic video is up for Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video, but not Video of the Year. And Nicki Minaj was quite upset about that.

This video has literally EVERYONE in it. Lena Dunham. Mariska Hargitay. Selena Gomez. Zendaya. And so many others. Obviously, the amount of stars in the video is a large draw, but it also has merit in other categories. It’s nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Directing among a few others. The video is nominated for a total of 7 awards.

7/11 – BEYONCÉ
This music video is one of the reasons why Beyonce is among my top three favorite artists. Sure this video probably isn’t impromptu at all, but the impromptu aesthetic is iconic. It’s up for Video of the Year and I hope she goes home with a moonman for Video of the Year. If Taylor Swift wins over her… well… I might pull a Kanye.

I don’t often feel liked I have really enjoyed a music video, but this video I truly enjoyed for many reasons. I am a fan of the cinematography and aesthetic. While the video is a bit graphic and based on a strange occurrence, I think the video has a lot of merit. However, it was totally snubbed by the VMAs. Katy Perry pointed this out on Twitter back when Nicki Minaj threw at Twitter fit after being snubbed for Video of the Year.

Here is Rihanna’s video. Beware: it is a bit graphic.

Wondering why you’ve been seeing the hashtag #ShesKindaHotVMA or #WorthItVMA lately? It’s because 5 Seconds of Summer’s and Fifth Harmony’s fan armies have taken over Twitter and Instagram in the hopes that 5 Seconds of Summer or Fifth Harmony will win a moonman.

But let’s talk numbers: Fifth Harmony’s video has over 187 million views, while 5 Seconds of Summer only has 8 million views on their “She’s Kinda Hot” video. That being said, 5 Seconds of Summer has more VMA votes than Fifth Harmony does by about a million. But anything can happen if Twitter and sheer fan-power are involved. Personally, I’m hoping Fifth Harmony will win, as I’m a huge fan of the girl power vibe the group gives off.

I may be hoping for Fifth Harmony, but here is the video for She’s Kinda Hot, in case you’re more of a 5SOS person.

Hooray! You’re officially caught up for the VMAs this Sunday.

What is your favorite video nominated for a VMA? Tell us in the comments!