America Needs YOUR HELP to Make a Badass Killer Robot

In the video (and article that I wrote about) where Japan accepts America’s challenge for a robot fight, Kogoro Kurata said that he wants to punch them to scrap. If you see the Mark II, that bot can’t punch — it’s slow, top-heavy, and rusty. So, Megabots needs everyone’s help to make the Mark II into the Mark III. They need to turn that green and yellow bot into THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF PATRIOTIC MACHINERY AND TECHNOLOGY

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Ahem. In order to achieve this new-found American dream, MegaBots have hired a whole roster of specialists and experts in the robotic field. First off, they have Grant Imahara, who used to be on Mythbusters. Besides busting myths, he is also an electronic and radio control (RC) expert. Up next is Greg Munson and Trey Roski, founders of the show, Battlebots. If anyone knows about robot battles, it these guys. Then Howe and Howe Technologies, IHMC Robotics, and NASA will be helping out with Mark II’s mobility, balance, and the pilot’s safety. AutoDesk will be providing the tools for Megabots and FonCo Creative Services is going slap on that American design that just roars “LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!”

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The Kickstarter just went up today, and they are already at $122,405. They have their goal set to $500,000, but in order for them to have everything they talked about, they need about $1,500,000, but that shouldn’t be a problem at all. They have 30 days left, and they already raised almost 10% of that goal.

I want to give some sort of speculation on who would win, but this is going to be a legitimate robot battle. Things like Pacific Rim and the Gundam series are now being swept aside for the real thing. Japan definitely knows their robot stuff, but so does America, and knowing how patriotic we can get, we will probably throw our money to these guys because WE WILL CRUSH THE ENEMY WITH OUR ROBOT FISTS.

If you want to support these guys, click here for their Kickstarter page. This event is probably going to be bigger than the Super Bowl or the World Series. Hands down.

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