Ashley Mardell & Jackson Bird Teach You ‘How To Be A Good Trans Ally’ in Educational New Video

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Ashley Mardell just released a great and smart and informative video today called “How to Be A Good Trans Ally.” For the record, it isn’t enough to just accept transgender peoples if you want to call yourself an ally. That was just one of many interesting talking points I took away from this video staring Ashley and her trans guest YouTuber Jackson Bird.

A video like this is great for someone like me who struggles with pronoun use — e.g. ze/zie/ve. I sometimes try to argue my way out of it, but my excellently smart and compassionate wife makes me realize my argument basically boils down to “I don’t want to actually work at making people feel inclusive.” Admittedly, it’s no kind of way to act in these modern times, so I’ve been really attempting to wisen up. It would be great if I could actually refer to myself as an ally to any group of people, so I am working on it, and videos like Ashley’s are making me better at it.

I’m getting there, folks, slower than I’d like though. Thanks, Ashley — hopefully this video can help some others with their own inclusivity.

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