Astronauts Eat First ‘Space Salad’ — Vegetables Grown In Orbit [VIDEO]

You want proof that the future is going to be awesome? How about this space salad? Grown for 33 days under red, blue and green LED lights the red romaine lettuce comes out, lush, full and surprisingly delicious looking. Grown in space for the specific reason that they wanted to test the possibilities of having a fresh food source for a manned trip to Mars, this space salad is actually more deserving of the title “Hero Spinach.” I don’t know, that’s just something I’m working on, someone should tell Wired to pass that on to NASA or something … whatever.

The salad test also has interesting properties on Earth as well. It indicates that food can now be grown indoors with completely artificial lighting. So that’s a major plus for poor countries that have a surplus of LED-powering electricity but no access to the sun. Hmm…

But seriously, this would apply for scientists working in remote areas such as Antartica or Greenland, where crops do not actually grow. And it could, of course, be a viable option for astronauts to grow and eat while colonizing Mars!

Awesome, right?


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