Athlete Wins Gold Medal At World Championships After Using Only YouTube Videos To Train

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At a certain point, articles like this one sound so clickbaity — “You’ll NEVER Believe What This Man Did After Watching YouTube Videos,” but sometimes the bait is worth the click.

Kenyan javelin-thrower Julius Yego just won a gold medal last night at the Track & Field World Championships in Beijing, China. While that might seem like “so what?” news (you goddamn cynic), amazingly, as Yego explains it, he learned it all from watching YouTube.

“I do not have a coach, my motivation comes from within. Training without a coach is not an easy thing,” he told CNN (via Washington Post) — as the first Kenyan to reach an Olympic final in a field event. “I watched YouTube and it really paid off for me, to see the training techniques and skills they are using.”

And not only that, but the throw was the longest one the sport has seen in 14 years! Posting a distance of 92.72 meters, this guy basically electrified the stadium in Beijing last night. Pretty cool.

Look, normally our stories on YouTube athletes are something to the tune of “So & so got brought in for a tryout with the Denver Broncos,” followed up a week later by “So & so got cut.” It’s awesome to have an athlete associated with YouTube actually excel in their chosen sport. Me, I usually just use YouTube tutorials to try and figure out how to cheat the stock market.

Plus, now you have someone to root for in the javelin portion of the Olympics next year in Rio — when have you ever had someone to root for in javelin?

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