Boobs, YouTubes & Bad Blood: The MTV VMA’s Winners (and Losers)

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The MTV VMAs have ushered in a new era of celebs as winners like Fetty Wap and Five Seconds of Summer took home moon men at the 2015 VMAs. Don’t worry though, there were still plenty of big moments from your traditional celebrities — and of course Taylor Swift, arguably the most popular performer on Earth right now (certainly in the U.S.), won lots. But there was more to it than awards (as always) and so here are a few big moments from the show:

Nicki Minaj squashed her beef officially with Taylor Swift as the two showed up in each other’s performances. No more “Bad Blood” here. But then Minaj officially jumped on board the Miley Cyrus shade train:

“And now back to this b— that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press,” Minaj said of Miley Cyrus during her Best Rap Video presentation, proving that no awards night can be complete without some drama.

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And of course, Kanye had to do something crazy:

“As you probably could’ve guessed, by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president,” Kanye announced. Well, that will be an interesting comment in about four years, give us something we can use now.

Without question, the biggest image to emerge from the night was Miley’s titty, which “popped out” during a “wardrobe change malfunction.” No we won’t show you the pic, just know that it is EVERYWHERE online. Feel free to search it out, we’ll wait here.

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And of course, since you came this far, you might as well know who the winners are (who weren’t T Swift). Check ’em out below:

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So there you go — another successful awards show! Go world!


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