CNN Sued Over Alleged Theft of YouTube Video

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Turns out a famous video of the clouds/weather rolling in to Buffalo, NY could cost CNN and their Canadian buddies, the CBC, a grip of money.

The video, which was posted to YouTube last year by Alfonzo Cutaia, is 31 seconds of extreme weather moving in, something Cutaia terms Buffalo Lake Effect. After the video went viral, raking in over 3.5 million views, the major news networks came crawling, asking Cutaia if they could use his footage.

Cutaia alleges in his lawsuit that he then learned the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. was using the footage without permission — and with their logo stamped on it. Contacting them, allegedly the CBC claimed that CNN had licensed it to them on a “10 day use” basis. But the sticking point with Cutaia was that CNN didn’t have a license for it either — and that the companies had been using the footage for months without permission.

According to TorrentFreak, “In his complaint, Cutaia seeks injunctions against both CBC and CNN to stop further unlawful use of his video. He also accuses the news outlets of ‘intentional and willful’ copyright infringement and seeks appropriate damages.”

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Cutaia claims they knowingly removed his own copyright information from the video in order to supplant it with their own. And for that, suckas gotta pay.

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