Comedian Dare: Get Blocked By Ted Cruz on Twitter — For Charity!


Recently, social media maven and comedian Josh Androsky was dared by a friend on Facebook. The dare entailed Androsky to get blocked by Ted Cruz, one of the Republican Presidential Candidates, on Twitter and if that happened, his friend would donate $100 to Planned Parenthood.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.43.26 PM

Since then, Androsky’s Twitter has been primarily filled with strange tweets to Ted Cruz all in the name of getting a block from the Senator. These are just a few examples…

Since Androsky hasn’t been blocked by Ted Cruz yet and the premise of this dare is quite intriguing, more people have joined the bet. One woman offered $100 a day until Androsky gets blocked by the Senator. Other have thrown in smaller amounts, like $20 or $50, for Planned Parenthood if Androsky gets blocked by Ted Cruz. And now, Androsky calls upon others to join the bet! Who would have thought money could be raised for Planned Parenthood through irritating tweets.


The internet is truly capable of anything. Campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge and this one show that the internet can raise loads of money for different causes if there’s an interesting hook to it. For the sake of comedy and charity, we can only hope that the internet creates more strange charity campaigns like this one.

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