Crave Calls Out YouTuber Coby Persin For Morally Questionable ‘Social Experiments’

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We’ve covered social experiments and their sometimes good, sometimes noxious attempts at “making you think” before, but Crave Online has apparently had it with one YouTuber especially: Coby Persin.

Citing Persin’s previous videos as evidence, the Crave writer, Paul Tamburro, says he wishes he didn’t know the video creator existed. One of the videos listed is a sort of “make two humans who are down on their luck amuse us with their antics” level arm wrestling match between homeless guys. It sort of recalls the controversial Bum Fights DVD series from the late ‘90s, where a camera crew would offer homeless people money to fight or hurt themselves in order to sell videos.

Tamburro’s major offender seems to be Persin’s latest video in which the 21-year-old YouTuber pretends to be an underage boy in order to lure 12 and 13-year-old girls from their homes to teach them how easily they can be kidnapped. Working with the parents, Persin, in one case, actually uses the parents in ski masks and a creeper van to pretend to kidnap one of the girls. Grim stuff.

The interesting thing is that much of the rest of the media feels Persin is a darling. He recently went on Good Morning America to talk about his video and has seen numerous outlets covering him and his 25 million-viewed effort.

But as Tamburro writes, “It’s harrowing to watch, and in terms of social experiments it stands to teach us nothing about social behavior other than “some children do dumb things.” Nonetheless, Coby begins the video by informing viewers that we should use what we’ve learned in order to better educate our friends and family, pitching himself as some sort of beacon of hope amidst a dark and seedy world and hoping that you’ll spread his message because it’s IMPORTANT, GUYS. Or, y’know, because it earns him more money when his videos are shared.”

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So what do you think? Is Tamburro being too sensitive? Are Persin’s antics too over the top? Are there any good social experiment videos? Or is it all just one big exploitative money grab?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter below.

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