Crazy YouTuber Daredevil Rides On Top Of Subway — Lives To Upload It.

I guess we just don’t see the videos of Russian kids who fall while trying to hang off skyscraper installations or car surf because they all die while doing it and the video doesn’t get uploaded — that or Russia is a land of UNSTOPPABLE SUPERBEASTS WHO NEVER DIE! Every time I turn around, there’s some Russian kid upping the ante on YouTube craziness. I’d like to believe if I lived in a desolate country where life was essentially meaningless, I’d be this balls-to-the-wall, but the reality is I was just quietly work in a potato factory for 12 hours a day and then go home to my angry Russian wife.

This footage, from daredevil YouTuber Pasha Bumchik (200,000+ subscribers) is excellent. Kids, only do this if you are a total badass (you aren’t). And watch some of his other videos for more dramatic stunts.

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