Danger Rangers: Robbie Maddison Dirt Bikes The Ocean & The 5 Other Best Extreme Sport Stunt Videos On YouTube

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This clip of Robbie Maddison using a dirt bike to surf a major wave is pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. As far as we’re concerned, he should plan on running for “New Jesus.” Why walk on water when you can dirt bike?

Because we’re total adrenaline junkies (“No officer, I TOTALLY didn’t see that crosswalk”), we needed more. So we went in search of the best extreme sport stunt videos on YouTube — the type of stuff that would give us heart attacks just by watching these people go metaphorical-balls-to-the-metaphorical-wall.

Here are five more we found that will knock you out of your shoes and into the next lane of traffic:

5. Felix Baumgartner’s Stratosphere Jump

Only this high up the list because we’ve watched it so many times already. But here goes one more time!

4. DevinSuperTramp Canyon Ropeswing

Christ, I don’t know if I’d have the balls to do this. Note the Shay Carl cameo and the kickass music of Scott & Brendo.

3. Wingsuit Man Threads The Needle

This hole seems sooooo much smaller than the one Jeb Corliss went through … (ahhhh, we can’t watch — does he make it?)

2. Russian Guys Illegally Free Climb Singapore Skyscraper

Putin should use these sorts of videos as propaganda tapes for why no one should mess with Russia.

1. Travis Pastrana Skydives With No Parachute

This is a lot of trust to put in the competence of your fellow man.

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