Details Emerging About Mumbai, India Being Next YouTube Space

YouTube is apparently speeding up its YouTube Space schedule. It wasn’t long ago that we announced a new space was coming to Toronto — roughly 20 days actually, and at the same time, they picked another: Mumbai, India. But where Toronto was celebrated, Mumbai was sort of mumbled. Now they’re apparently making it more official today with a sort of teaser video they’ve released on YouTube. Home to a burgeoning YouTube scene, Mumbai will join Berlin, Germany in that it won’t have a standalone building, but rather it will be an adjunct of the Whistling Woods International Film School. So perhaps that is the facet which separates the two?

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.25.09 AM

“India is seeing an emergence of a new generation of YouTube creators who are capturing the color, music, humour, and drama of India more creatively than ever before. In fact, Indian creators are now amongst the top contributors in Asia when it comes to driving time spent on YouTube watching videos,” the  Head of YouTube Spaces in Asia Pacific, Dave Macdonald said in a blog post.

What’s really interesting is that in that teaser they just released, they only name seven YouTube Spaces — no Toronto.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.10.28 AM

So what gives?

We’ve reached out to the YouTube Space PR for some clarification on this, we’ll of course update when we hear back. Is this a large international conspiracy we’ve stumbled upon and will now be chased to the top of Mount Rushmore in a bid to save our own lives? Or is this likely due to some logical explanation for how they filmed the video before the proper announcement of Toronto?

It would be more exciting if it was the first case, but let’s be real: we really hope it’s the second.

We’ll let you know.

And share the news wouldja — just in case we need witnesses.

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