Dying Light Gamer Hub Interview Shows New Expansion Footage [VIDEO]

Gamer Hub recently published an interview with Maciej Binkowski, lead designer on Dying Light, a first-person adventure game from Techland and Warner Brothers, that we think will appeal to the gamers out there. The interview, which took place at Gamercom 2015, details the new expansion for Dying Light that includes new vehicles, missions and challenges — so essentially, it is a whole additional game for fans of the original to revisit and you to check out if you’ve never even experienced what we around here call “core Dying Light.”

With beautiful graphics and an expanded range of motion, Techland has outdone their earlier efforts and given the fans a serious expansion, although the game just came out in January of this year — wouldn’t it be nice if all companies were so eager to hook you up?

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.14.06 PM
Dying Light, which is available on PS4, XboxOne (sorry earlier models — your puny PS3 and Xbox 360 could not handle the hardware limitations!) Microsoft Windows and Linux pulls you into survival mode that includes utilizing parkour and weapons aplenty as you (as undercover agent Kyle Crane) attempt to infiltrate a quarantine zone in a dangerous city. Good horror comes naturally to this game, it’s up to you to survive. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the footage above.

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