Endemol Beyond Heads To Vessel, Takes Michelle Phan’s ICON With Them

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Vessel, the recently launched YouTube-competing video platform, just got a major endorsement from Endemol Beyond — they are bringing 700+ of their videos to the site. Providing Vessel with a major content boost that includes the likes of series from Michelle Phan’s ICON network, the company is making a statement that they believe what Vessel is doing has traction.

“As we grow out our premium brands like ICON and Smasher networks, we are also always looking for new premium distribution partners,” said Endemol Beyond USA COO Adrian Sexton. “Vessel’s user experiences for both advertising and subscription models make them a perfect fit.”

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Smasher is the name of Endemol Beyond’s new gaming/e-sports company, which they are launching this fall, btw.

Vessel, which costs $2.99 a month will give you 72-hour early access to ICON’s new videos, series that include “Pretty Little Pranksters,” “Everyday Luxe,” “The FAQs” and “Fascinating Women.” Along with the other creators under the Endemol Beyond banner, the shows will join the likes of other established Vessel creators such as Rhett & Link, Ingrid Nilsen and Philip DeFranco. So if you want to truly be the first of the people to comment “First” on Endemol Beyond videos, you’re now going to have to do it on Vessel.

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There’s no revealing yet if another of Endemol Beyond’s performers, Courtney Love, will be taking her online channel to Vessel as well. It would be exciting to see some new content released ahead of when it shows up on YouTube.

Vessel was started by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who believes that paying the creators a larger cut of the profits will eventually turn the tide as to who is the biggest video hub on the internet.

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