Feel Like Burning Money? ‘Burning Man the Musical’ Is Crowdfunding

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What’s the weirdest idea you’ve ever had? Now double it — that’s Burning Man. A weeklong desert retreat where the true freaks can go to be free and party and let their, um, flags fly, the festival has come under fire lately for becoming increasingly corporate. Now executive types are going to Burning Man, which happens every year in late summer, and they’re mucking up the unplugged mentality of it by bringing luxury and electricity.

And that’s where this musical rock opera comes in:

So yeah. You and I are now forever bound by the reality that we both watched that. We have survived something together and while we might not be better for it, we are survivors.

The creator of this spectacle, Matt Werner allegedly works at Google but has bigger aims of telling the satirical story of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada coming to life.

Burning Man: The Musical was posted to Indiegogo with the not-too-greedy asking figure of $20,000 — it’s not the sort of money that could give an established employee a year off of work or anything, just a little seed cash to help build a dream. OH WAIT, WHAT?! He wants $20,000 for two songs? Two lousy songs. Jesus.

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Paying for his musical on the per-song basis, instead of say asking for the moon, he’s sneakily divided up this project into portions. Like a drug dealer, Werner gave us the first one for free — a slickly produced musical number lamenting the death of the Burning Man spirit. But the next two will cost $10,000 apiece. I’m scared to ask what the two after that will cost — will he keep it at that price? Or will he stick it to us while we’re lying on some stranger’s couch, cold and sweating, our teeth clicking for more free music?

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So far he’s raised $2500 — there’s a long way to go still, but there’s also 56 days left for all the weirdos and hippies of the world to divert a few shekels from their homemade organic lip balm business. Is it ironic that the musical about Burning Man should be so slickly produced? I feel like the better musical would be free, not some professional thing for yuppies to high-five over and smirk about as they watch from a laptop in their air-conditioned Airstream trailers, while pretending to be communing with nature. I guess that’s the joke though, talking about how overly-commercialized something has gotten while charging folks $20,000 for two songs.

I don’t know, what do you think?

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