Hackers Finally Dump All Ashley Madison Subscriber Names Online — The Maddening?

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A mini scandal emerged last month when hackers allegedly broke through the firewalls of online spouse-cheating website Ashley Madison and stole all the names of all the cheaters. They then threatened to post it to the internet and make a lot of stormy marriages even stormier.

When enough time had passed and only one name was ever revealed — some poor bastard up in Canada — people began to doubt that anything had actually been hacked at all. Perhaps they’d only gotten that one guy’s name, was the speculation.

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Well speculate no more because the hackers have finally opened up the treasure trove of names and identities of the more than 38 million users registered. Expect there to be a lot of “Oh I only registered to see who else I knew that was cheating.”

The hackers dumped a 9.7 gigabyte file to the Dark Web, accessible only through an anonymous Tor browser, so if you are worried that your naive web-basic spouse will find you, you’re still safe. For now. You’d better believe there are companies mining through the enormous pile of info to find celebs and prominent figures that they can rake through the muck.

The hackers aims were allegedly to have Ashley Madison and companion site Established Gentlemen taken down permanently. When that failed, they posted this message to their Onion (Dark Web) site:

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According to Wired, at least 15,000 of the email addresses that were revealed, along with the other info, belong to military or government addresses.

Theoretically, this could be construed as a new version of the Fappening. We could call it the Cheatening? Or the Chappening? Or the Maddening … or I suppose we don’t have to assign it a gimmicky nickname at all. Nah, where’s the fun in that? What about the Ashening?

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