Hackers Have Infiltrated Our Skateboards … Wait, What? [VIDEO]

Richard Healey and Mark Ryan work in the electronic security consulting business, but to make their point, sometimes they’ve got to put on the black hats and become the bad guys. This incredible video, courtesy of Wired, showcases how easily hackers can take over one of the e-skateboards that is commercially available (yeah, electronic skateboards) and make it do their bidding. As the guys demonstrate, if you can interrupt the link between the remote control in a rider’s hand and their board on the ground, you can make the skateboard do whatever you want … that a skateboard can do. You can’t make it talk, fly, or do your math homework.

While these guys have done this video as an indicator that e-skateboards need to be more secure, it just makes me want to learn to go out and hack stuff. I could start an entire business online selling slightly used e-skateboards that are missing their controllers. I won’t become rich, but I could certainly  build a small house in Arkansas with the money I’d amass. Of course, I’d forever have to keep my evil secret of ill-gotten gains from my wife. Hmm, maybe it’s best if the e-skateboard people actually do just enhance their security?

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