Hannah Hart Signs With MCN Kin Community — My Drunk Kitchen Finds New Home

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Well, today just became a “big news” day.

Hannah Hart, one of YouTube’s brightest shining stars, best known for her cooking show My Drunk Kitchen as well as capering about with good buddy Grace Helbig, has signed on with lifestyle network Kin Community. Hart, who has been hard at work the last several years building a personal brand, Harto, that includes a bestselling book, a national ad campaign, and several philanthropic aims, is a perfect fit for the Kin Community mindset, which focuses on beauty tutorials, style vlogs and home-based DIY crafting.

“I am very excited to start working with Kin Community,” said Hannah. “I feel like their values and partnerships align well with the HARTO brand. I hope to build some wonderful things together!”

The news, which just dropped, is the latest major signing by an MCN, joining news of Boyce Avenue and Glozell to CDS. Hannah Hart was previously of CDS, so the MCN merry-go-round is always spinning. MCNs are appearing increasingly valuable to major YouTubers these days, as they handle much of the minutiae YouTubers find comes along with expanding an empire. And as far as MCNs go, Kin Community is quickly becoming a force amongst them.

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