HelloDenizen’s Tiny Hamster Makes The Cutest Disneyworld Video Possibly Ever

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.54.37 AM

Pretty much the cutest thing ever, HelloDenizen’s Tiny Hamster got the full experience when he made the trek to Walt Disney World in Florida. From meeting Mickey Mouse to riding rides and watching the Electrical Parade, Tiny Hamster did it right. Oh, and don’t forget food!

Stuffing his face with tiny churros, tiny blintzes and a milkshake or two, Tiny then proceeded to get overstuffed and go on the Tea Cups … a mistake I’ve made a time or two in my life. I assume they edited out the part where he hurled his guts out behind the Mad Hatter’s hat shop.

And while, ultimately, I know this is basically an ad for Walt Disney World by a creator for Disney-owned Maker Studios, I don’t even care. I’ll give Disney World all my money if they can just make a people-sized version of this magic theme park for me to enjoy as much as Tiny Hamster is clearly doing. What’s that? They already did? Several of them? I’ve been to them?

Hmm, well, maybe not ALL my money then … just most of it.

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