How To Make YouTube Better.

Lasers make everything better. There I said it. One of the long-running trends on YouTube — starting at the very beginning of the site with the Star Wars Kid clip, the addition of lasers to random videos is, to borrow a little more from Star Wars, the site fulfilling its destiny. Take for instance this popular clip of a kitten jumping around in fear at the sight of these lizards. Now add lasers:

A great clip is made BETTER.

Most people who have clicked into this are now long gone, writing it off as a joke concept and waste of their time. Good, let ’em go. The rest of us can have a frank discussion about the future of YouTube. Many of the kids coming of age today have never been without the internet. Their earliest memories are things like Ebaum’s World and Bert Is Evil.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 4.19.38 PM

But we’ve grown spoiled. The simple clips we used to enjoy, stuff like, say, Chocolate Rain or David After Dentist don’t move us anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great — but we’ve seen them at least a dozen times. We need innovation, we need grand excess.

And that’s where lasers come in.

Watch the two main iterations of the Star Wars Kid:


Better version:

Note how flat the first one seems now? It used to be the funniest thing most people could ever imagine. Now when I think of that clip, my mind can’t unseen the lasers, that’s how dynamic they are.

The same goes for this nature video of bats fighting crocodiles:

See how with the simple addition of lasers, life comes alive?

Here’s what I’m proposing: Whenever a new viral clip comes out on YouTube, it gets a grace period of three months. For three months, it stands alone on its own merit and rakes in all the views it can. But after that three months, we add lasers to it and rerelease it. The video essentially experiences a “double life” and makes more revenue for the original uploaders. You might argue that eventually lasers will get stale too (and quickly), but then I will remind you: when is the addition of lasers to a clip ever not THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER?

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