Instagram Will Now Have Advertisements

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Your picture of your lunch burrito could start earning Instagram money. Though they’ve been threatening it for a while now, they’ve officially started allowing 3rd-party vendors to purchase ad space on their site in an effort to become financially optimized for their owner, Facebook.

In the past, Instagram has allowed advertising on its site, but it’s always been on a case-by-case basis, with strict governance. Now, with their new advertising API (application programming interface), the social media platform will be much more open to niche product marketers and advertisers.

According to Business Insider, “The Instagram Ads API is the latest in a series of moves the platform has made to start opening up the money jets. Back in June, alongside announcing the API test, Instagram announced that all of Facebook’s ad-targeting tools will be opened up to Instagram advertisers. In the same month it also launched “Shop Now” buttons and other messages for advertisers to link outside the app. And earlier this year Instagram introduced “carousel ads,” allowing marketers to fit more images into one single ad.”

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So will Instagram become bogged down with video clips that make you wait 15 seconds to watch a six second video or a still image of a sunset? I guess we’ll find out. My fearmongering instincts though say, “Yes, absolutely. Instagram has doomed itself!”

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