Jack Vale Promises More Pranks — AND SKITS — Are Coming [INTERVIEW]

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I can think of exactly two things sadder than a dead cat — and because it would make a fun article sad, I won’t say what they are. But legendary YouTuber Jack Vale just found a way to make dead felines funny in this SKIT with fellow funnyman Christian Busath.

What’s that you say? Jack isn’t a skit performer, he’s a prankster? Yeah, well guess what? He’s broadening his horizons just to prove he can do it. In fact, one might say there are no limitations on funny and Jack is offering up his writing and acting skills as proof. He’s versatile is what we’re saying.

We decided to ask Jack a few questions about how things are going with his HLN television show Jack Vale: Offline, his awesomely talented family, working with Mr. Busath and, oh yeah, stories about dead pets.

I think it’s safe to say we’re excited to see what Jack loads into the cannon next.

How did this collaboration with the excellently hilarious Christian Busath come about?

Yes, Christian is hysterically funny. We have been fans of each other’s work for a long time. We met at Vidcon a couple years ago and knew we needed to work together. We’ve done some pranks together and had so much fun doing them, so we decided to think outside the box a little. We are both HUGE fans of comedy. Dumb and Dumber, Three Amigos, silly, funny movies like that. So, we wrote some sketches. Love working with him.

Are you broadening your genre to include more skits or do just too many people know you now to be able to pull off pranks?

I’m definitely still going to keep doing pranks. I love doing them. It’s just that I’m a fan of all things comedy, period. I love acting. Christian and I just starred in a web series about the 2 of us being locked up in prison and we had so much fun doing that! Yes, I’d say I’m doing something I should have done long ago. I’m excited about branching out into sketches and other comedic forms of entertainment!

Are you worried your prankster fans won’t follow you into skits?

In terms of receiving hate for a sketch on a “prank” channel, I expected it somewhat. However, it’s interesting to me that the vast majority of the comments are overwhelmingly awesome! In the early stages of YouTube, I named my channel Jack Vale “Films” for a reason. I love shorts, feature films, documentaries, you name it. Years ago I had a few sketches I filmed and they did well. I’m looking forward to doing them again.

Have you ever had to actually bury a pet? Tell me there’s some tragic/funny story there…

When I was a kid, I was visiting some family in Oregon and it was my fault that their family dog got hit by a car. I was appointed the gravedigger. Apparently when animals die, they sometimes make gurgling sounds when you move them around. As I placed their precious pet in the hole he made a noise and it startled me. It almost sounded like my stomach was growling or someone farted. I was convinced momentarily that the dog was still alive, but clearly I was wrong and so I placed him back in the ground and buried him. That night, I had a nightmare that there were all these animals buried in the yard trying to get out and I was responsible!

You’re always a busy dude, What have you and the family got coming up?

Well, the most important thing is that our Family Reality/Prank show “Jack Vale: Offline” is coming back for a second season on HLN! We start production in a few weeks! Also, Christian and I have developed a scripted TV show…more about that soon! Please tell everyone not to worry, I’ll still be posting up videos on YouTube and TONS of them will be pranks!

So there you go, you people who refuse to watch anything on YouTube except pranks have nothing to worry about. Jack still has your back brilliantly, he’s just also allowing you to laugh in more ways than ever.

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