‘Jared Pants Dance’: Subway FINALLY Removes Ironically-Named Kid’s Game From App Stores

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Perhaps Subway didn’t want to believe the allegations were true until the very last second … or perhaps they simply forgot … or maybe, just maybe they didn’t there was anything icky about an app for kids called “Jared’s Pants Dance Game.”

Available for free until very recently, the company’s app was available in app stores and would allow kids to catch sandwiches in Jared Fogle’s giant pants. Reports of the umm, ironically-named game still being available circulated the internet almost immediately following the government agency’s raid on his house, resulting in the seizure of his computers in a child porn sting.

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The end result of that raid, which took place back on July 7 was Jared agreeing to plead guilty to 14 counts of child pornography, that included having sex with two minors. He faces five to 12-and-a-half years in jail and had to pay each of his 14 victims a settlement of $100,000. Also his wife has filed for divorce, seeking to remove the two children she has with him from their father’s life.

The removal of the app allegedly came around the same time as Subway’s tweet severing their involvement with the pitchman who famously lost a bunch of weight from eating their sandwiches.

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Creeps have to eat too, I guess. Unfortunately for Jared, prison food is soooooo fattening.


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