JennXPenn & ThatsoJack To Cruise California in New ‘First Times’ YouTube Web Series

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AwesomenessTV stars JennXPenn and ThatsoJack are about to have the roadtrip of a lifetime. Setting out to conquer California, the duo are picking up where AWOL KassemG’s California On series left off. Or Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart’s road trip show HeyUSA for that matter.

Allegedly a deal with the California tourism board (as links to Visit California pop up in the trailer for the series), the show First Times with Jenn & Jack sends Jenn McAllister and Jack Baran out to experience the many, many possibilities for adventure up and down the California coast. From rivers to snow to mountains to beaches, the greatest state of them all is getting some major love from the two YouTube besties as they head out in search of fun, with a camera crew along for the ride.

And I’ll tell them what: when they get up to my hometown of Eureka, Calif. way, way up north (practically south Oregon), they should totally give me a call. Of course, fun in Eureka largely means hanging out in the Taco Bell parking lot, heading out to the dunes to drink Natty Ice or doing crystal meth and screaming off of one of Humboldt County’s many fine natural rock formations.

I can be a big help in facilitating such adventures.

The new series will drop on Saturdays on the AwesomenessTV channel. The first ep drops Aug 8.

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