Jesse Wellens & Ed Bassmaster’s Hitchbot Surveillance Footage Was A Prank

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.21.06 PM

This is an interesting chapter in the Hitchbot legacy. Just when it seemed we were at our end with the story, after Prank vs Prank YouTube star Jesse Wellens went on social media to say he had surveillance footage of the guy who destroyed Hitchbot, all was lost. Wellens recently revealed in a video that he and Ed Bassmaster faked the security footage in order to dupe the media. Including us.

So Hitchbot’s real killers are still at large and what’s more depressing — we don’t actually have any footage of the vandal(s). Now in hindsight, it seems kind of odd that they would have surveillance footage — what the hell would they be filming for?

But sometimes that’s how it goes when you catch wind of hot news that seems too amazing to be true in this 24-hour news cycle — you run with it until it bites you. I suppose it makes sense that two pranksters would do exactly this sort of thing. That’s what pranksters do after all.

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