Legends of Gaming Begins Production With Toby Turner At YouTube Space LA

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Legends of Gaming, the hit UK YouTube channel that pits, well, legends in the gaming world against one another is now officially getting a U.S. remake! This video, from the UK version, details one of the events if you can’t quite grasp the whole “gamers versus gamers” idea from my words alone:

The American version, which stars Toby Turner as the host, is a product of a push from Endemol Beyond USA, the same company that brought us the Courtney Love YouTube channel.

According to the release, “The global eSports audience is massive, with over 134 million viewers and counting this year. To celebrate this incredible gaming phenomenon, Endemol Beyond USA is bringing their wildly successful U.K. format “Legends of Gaming” to the United States as the debut flagship series of SMASHER, a new YouTube network launching later this year.”

Confirmed contestants include The Jovenshire, the host of Smosh Games; Syndicate Project; Terroriser; TmarTn; OMGitsfirefoxx;iiJERiiCHOii; Lui Calibre; and JD Witherspoon aka runJDrun while coaching the contestants will be the bold work of Fatal1ty of Fatality Gaming Gear and Perfect Legend of Team Razer; HotShottGG and Hafu.

(Image credit: Endemol Beyond USA/ Jeffrey Moustache)

(Image credit: Endemol Beyond USA/ Jeffrey Moustache)

Some of the biggest names in gaming are going to be unleashing hell upon one another in the digital realm while we watch? Can’t argue with that!

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