Little Girl On Liver Transplant List Starts YouTube Channel To Help Other Kids

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Transplant Tales From An 8-Year-Old is one of those YouTube channels that acts like a barometer for your soul — as in, if you have one or not.

Started by eight-year-old Hadley Schoenborn, an Atlanta girl born with biliary atresia, the channel was started as a way of passing the time while on the liver transplant list.

Now it has become a means of helping others.

According to Hadley’s mom Jillian, (via “We went home and searched the internet for another kid going through the process and she wanted to see about it and somebody else experiencing it, and we did not find one single thing.”

Documenting the process of being a kid on a critical waitlist for a life-saving organ, Hadley reveals the emotional ups and downs of being “on the list.” Every time the phone rings at her house she’s wondering if it’s news of a donor liver. Or what about the time she got taken off the list because she had chicken pox?

Fortunately, the chicken pox are gone and Hadley is back on the list. But her life right now is constant checkups and blood draws when it should be riding bikes, playing with friends or perhaps experimenting with PCP-laced weed behind the school gym. You know, normal eight-year-old stuff.

While Hadley is waiting to get back to “normal life,” we’re grateful she could step in to educate us all about the process of life on the donor list. It makes me glad to be an organ donor and if you aren’t one, hopefully this level-headed little girl will put a human face on your decision.

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