Leaked Fallout 4 Footage Pops Up On Adult Website — For Hardcore Gamers Only?


When Gamescom was happening, some fans were lucky enough to watch Fallout 4 footage behind closed doors. Of course, this isn’t news to the gaming world because many websites have reported on it. And of course, Bethesda has no intentions of showing this footage to anyone else because this was, well, behind closed doors. And of course, this didn’t stop fans from getting creative and finding ways for outsiders to view it.

About two days ago, the fan base went loco when footage from the Bethesda presentation started appearing on the interwebs. If you were lucky enough to see that it was up, you probably watched it on YouTube. But alas, those videos have now been taken down.

However, this wasn’t going to stop the fans. Oh no. They were going to find other means of sharing this leaked footage. So they turned to file-hosting sites. Unfortunately, theses sites are overloaded with a crap ton of other videos and files and whatnot, so uploading the footage to those sites was not going to be feasible. And then there was PornHub.


Yes! PornHub is where the Fallout fans turned to and uploaded the footage (obviously NSFW), and the ludicrous title of the video is “HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE”. Personally, this had me giggling for a solid minute or so, and what’s even better is that it is tagged under categories like “big ass”, “POV” and “homemade.” As of yesterday, there is only one comment on the video, and it reads “Came all over my monitor.”


If you go see the footage, you can clearly tell that the quality isn’t the best. But that’s understandable because this guy filmed between two people, and he had to be super secretive about it. But hey! People are willing to do just about anything about this because it’s Fallout 4. Personally, I feel like the fans ought to just wait because Bethesda worked so hard to give tiny exclusives here and there to the fans that go check their stuff out, yet there has to be that one person that needs to leak things, even if the video is at 144p and there’s an ad about how there are hot singles in your area to the very left of the video window.

Since this occurred, it is more than likely that Bethesda will be uploading this gameplay because fans deserve the HD quality of this gameplay. But again, these fans are taking in what they can.

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