Lohanthony Drops Compilation Album Through Connor Franta’s Heard Well Record Label

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Bet you didn’t know Lohanthony was a multi-hyphenate: prankster, YouTube star and music connoisseur. He’s probably got some other tags we could saddle him with, but we’re focusing on the music thing. See Lohanthony, real name Anthony Quintal is releasing an album of his favorite emerging artists. No, he’s not singing, he’s just letting you into his earphones to savor a bit of the music he likes. I know, when I started writing this article, I thought he’d be singing too. I don’t know if he even can sing — I assume if he could, he would be releasing an album of his own songs, but we’ll take what we can get on a Friday.

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The album, a digital compilation of electronica, pop and world music can be pre-ordered starting today through Connor Franta’s new record label Heard Well. Available for $14.99, the album is called Landscapes and comes with a signed poster. The actual album will be available on Sept. 4.

This is the second release through Franta’s label.

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