Madden 16 & Dave Franco Awesomely Summon The Rise of ‘The Video Game Movie Trailer’

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Movies have temporarily decided to be awful, but that doesn’t mean that movie trailers have to suck! Especially not movie trailers for video games, which is apparently where the crazy train is rolling these days.

EA Sports, makers of the storied Madden franchise, have recruited Dave Franco, actor (and brother of James), as well as the kid who played Mclovin’ (sorry, Chris Mintz-Plasse, it will be on your tombstone), and a grip of contemporary football names to make a faux trailer for the latest iteration of NFL: The Video Game. Madden 16 is coming and apparently it is coming with a bang … and a T-Rex:

The film, which has been viewed over 7 million times has proven that there is a market for fun advertising and that the rise of the video game commercial as an “event” is here. Already fans are gearing up (ahem) for tomorrow’s release of the trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid. Yeah, I didn’t say they were excited for the actual game (they are), but we’ve reached an age in which the trailer has become a celebrated event in much the same way as the NFL Draft has turned into a larger happening than most TV finales.

The question is: do they even need to? This trailer is fun and full of antics, but is there a single person that this will influence? It’s kinda like when the U.S. Postal Service, a government agency who receives government funding, decided they needed to advertise more (?!) and sponsored Lance Armstrong, star bike rider (and admitted doper — smooth move Post Office — now I wonder if we should be testing our mail carriers for Performance Enhancing socks).

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The point is, while fun, is this Kung Fury rehash necessary? Is this fake trailer going to be getting a single person who wasn’t going to buy the game to purchase the game? Either you like the Madden franchise or you don’t — either you own a PS4/Xbox1 or you don’t. I think you’ll find the demographic of people who own the correct equipment to even play Madden 16 and don’t know Madden 16 is coming out is pretty miniscule — hardly worth whatever this commercial cost. Still, it’s fun and awesome and it’s good to see a major company be fun and awesome. That alone is probably worth everything. Every other industry should definitely take note.

Oh, and Colin Kaepernick as Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman gave me chills — this kid has a post-football career for sure.

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