McDonald’s DECLINES Burger King’s Offer To Make Peace With Snotty Facebook Post


When you think of classic feuds, you think of things like Apple vs. Microsoft, Xbox vs. Playstation, McDonald’s vs. Burger King and Coke vs. Pepsi. But! Burger King is offering an olive branch to McDonald’s. They want to settle the beef and promote the awareness of Peace Day, which happens on September 21st.

In order to achieve the goals that have been listed out, Burger King proposed to have a pop-up restaurant in Atlanta for one day, staffed by employees from both fast-food joints and sell a burger called the McWhopper, a fusion of the Big Mac and the Whopper. Sales from this burger would go directly to Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation whose objective is to institutionalize the International Day of Peace. With such a sudden and controversial proposal from Burger King, this burger is definitely going to send shock waves of awareness throughout the globe.


Burger King really wants to go all out with this one-day event. The box, the bags, and the employees’ uniforms would all be half Burger King and half McDonald’s. And on the napkin? It would have the “ceasefire” treaty that Burger King wrote up. Since Burger King is trying to settle the beef (man, I’m NEVER going to get tired of this pun) with McDonald’s, they want you to do the same. So if you’re one of the lucky few to be in Atlanta and try the McWhopper, they want to also know who you’d make peace with.

Overall, it seems like, people are all in for this.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s gave this sneering response:


In the past year or so, McDonald’s has done so much to try and attract more people to their food, like bringing back the Hamburglar (which is safe to assume that it failed miserably because he hasn’t relevant since May), they’ve closed down several hundred stores and they even cut their menu up to only feature the best items they have to offer. Because of this snide response, McDonald’s just missed out on an incredible opportunity and they desperately needed this. The negative response was echoed in the comments section of the CEO’s post:


McDonald’s seriously messed up here. This was the big move here that they needed to bring themselves back up into the top of the youth demographic’s mind. Not only with a burger that would taste amazing and most likely clog your arteries, but also raise awareness of Peace Day One and spread peace throughout our nation and the blog. But instead, they decided to clown around and not take this offer seriously. “McDonald’s could easily have reacted in a fun, cheeky and engaging way – turning the entire situation around. Yet they missed this opportunity,” wrote marketing expert Martin Lindstrom. “1:0 to Burger King.”

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