Mr Repzion Fears For Lives After Fellow YouTuber Makes Death Threat

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Daniel Sulzbach AKA Mr Repzion is no stranger to controversy and being disliked by fellow YouTubers. The name Onision comes to mind. But recently, he’s had to answer to an entirely new level of hostility. Fellow YouTube gamer and bodybuilder Vegan Gains made comments during a Twitch stream recently, allegedly not knowing that the footage was being recorded.

Talking about how much he hates Mr Repzion, Vegan Gains (real name Richard Burgess) mentions that he if he had a chance, he would slit Mr Repzion’s throat and kill him. The gamer then produces the knife he would use, a wicked looking switchblade.

Obviously, the gaming world went a little haywire over the video which was captured and posted to YouTube. It got to the point where Mr Repzion even made a video explaining how seriously he takes threats like these. Mr Repzion shows parts of the captured video as a means of having a public record and proof of Vegan Gains’ words.

Vegan Gains’ reasoning for wanting to kill Mr Repzion stems from him finding MrRepzion too smug. “He’s a turd, he should just be killed,” Vegan Gains goes on to say.

Mr Repzion sagely points out that threats like these are more worrisome for people who live in Vegan Gains’ town and whom he doesn’t like. It appears Vegan Gains has either cleaned out his entire Twitter account or never posted anything to begin with. Either way, very odd.

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It’s an interesting situation, we’ll have to see what comes of it.

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