Myx TV To Debut Three Shows On New YouTube Channel

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Myx TV, which bills itself as “the fastest growing English-language, multicultural Asian-American entertainment network in the United States” also claims in their same PR release to be “the only English-language multicultural Asian-American entertainment network in the United States,” so that’s pretty good in terms of competition AND growth.

The Myx TV brand has decided to diversify as part of an apparent rebranding. Included in that rebrand, a new YouTube channel which is exciting. More things to watch online is never a bad thing.

The channel, which is complemented by a mobile-friendly redesign and a rebranded logo, looks to appeal to well, seemingly everyone from foodies to health nuts to guys who like to smash things. And no, you don’t have to be and English-language speaking Asian-American to watch — everyone is invited.

“Myx TV is committed to entertaining millennials in fun, enjoyable and interesting ways, which is apparent with these original YouTube series and the network’s renewed focus on its digital presence,” said Miguel Santos, General Manager. “These efforts make us more accessible and entertaining to a broader audience.” See, there you go! They want everybody to check them out.

According to the release, here’s a breakdown of what each new show entails:

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“The Alternative” is a digital do-it-yourself series, presenting natural, holistic and Eastern medicine remedies for everyday health concerns. Eastern medicine specialist and holistic healer Tara Shah hosts the series, bringing with her years of Eastern philosophy and medicinal experience. Shah has traveled extensively through Asia and has learned directly from the yogis and monks of each region, who practice these techniques and remedies daily.

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“Buddha Smash” is a light-hearted program centered around the online personality known as Buddha, who obliterates objects with his bare hands in a 2D fighting game format. The mythical backstory is that Buddha was found by explorers in the depths of the Himalayas and, after realizing his affinity for destruction at a young age, was sent away, across the Pacific Ocean to land in America 25 years later. Now tame, but with a fierce temperament just waiting to be unleashed, Buddha stays alive the only way he knows how: by smashing and destroying everything in his way.

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“Snaxxx” is a fun, culinary commentary show where adult entertainers give their unbiased opinions on treats and delicacies from all over the world. Throughout the show, viewers will see a different side of these popular entertainers who will analyze each snack based on presentation, taste and overall satisfaction.

The channel will debut two episodes of these shows this week and one every subsequent week thereafter. So if any of that appeals to you, drop by and check them out.

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