New Rap Feud: Lil’ Dicky & Reddit’s r/HipHopHeads Butt Heads In AMA

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Cool it, Drake, Meek MillLil’ Dicky just called r/HipHopHeads onto the floor. The newest rap beef concerns one white boy comedy rapper and one subreddit — this is the very definition of a “Wednesday article.”

The feud officially kicked off when Lil’ Dicky did an AMA on Reddit today. The AMA part stands for Ask Me Anything. One user did — asking about how Lil’ Dicky was apparently banned from subreddit r/HipHopHeads.

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Lil’ Dicky responded that he wasn’t sure what was up with it, something to do with vote gaming or something. And then the founder of r/HipHopHeads jumped in to clarify exactly what went down. Apparently, the r/hhh community warned him several times not to go and have fans artificially upvote his posts, which is seen as vote manipulation in the subreddit.

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Lil’ Dicky wasn’t having that though and put the moderator/founder u/zigzagzig on blast asking him where these so-called warnings were and maintains he knows nothing about this stuff.

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u/ZigZagZig’s comments were then downvoted to oblivion. Presumably the Redditor is now hunting through his digital files looking for any sort of exchange on the matter, because right now the microphone is pointed in his direction and there only seems to be static on the line.

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