NFL Chiefs Cut Twitter Dreamer After Less Than A Week

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On Wednesday, LaVance Taylor tweeted that the Kansas City Chiefs should check out his highlight reel. They did, and promptly brought the undrafted Division II football standout to training camp for a tryout. The potential endgame? LaVance had a shot to make an appearance in the NFL.

And now that dream is over.

The Chiefs cut LaVance today after bringing in former Carolina Panthers veteran Darren Reaves to bolster in the position of backup running back behind standout Jamaal Charles.

Still, the Central Missouri star got to spend time on the field, attracted major media attention to his dream and even got a Chiefs jersey with his name on the back. That’s pretty cool for a guy who simply reached out to his favorite team on Twitter. It makes me want to hit up Jessica Alba to be the third in that Devil’s three-way me and one other guy have been plotting. She’ll probably say no, but LaVance Taylor has given me reason to dream.

The Chiefs are also the team who once, famously, gave Alex Tanney, a star YouTube quarterback a chance at the brass ring, earning them this week’s NMR Atta Boy Award.

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