Nicki Minaj Starts Posting Pics of Her Trolls On Instagram

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Singer Nicki Minaj reads her Twitter feed and knows the awful stuff you’ve been saying about her, world. And you know what? She’s coming to get you.

Posting to her Twitter page Sunday morning, Minaj expressed displeasure with the haters who were leaving comments on her social media accounts. Sure there were lots of people saying nice things, but we tend to remember the bad more than the good.

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And since she was apparently feeling rambunctious that morning, Minaj decided to post images of her haters online. Three images made it to her Instagram account of girls who were allegedly talking trash on her. Minaj took down the pics shortly after, but website grabbed screenshots of the trolls to preserve them in social media posterity.

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Now they can join other outed trolls, like these people:

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Minaj is part of a growing culture that refuses to be bullied by people on the internet. Of course, the practice got her called a bully as well, so as a society, we’ve probably got to set down some parameters as to what really constitutes online bullying and if there is a self-defense exemption.

Who knew bullying could be so complex?

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