Opera Max Updates App To Save Your Mobile YouTube Experience (And Your Money!)

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So there’s a newly updated app out that might just save your data plan — particularly if you’re a junkie for streaming video. Opera Max, according to a statement they released today, “can condense a 10MB video down to 3MB — and significantly reduce instances of video buffering — without any noticeable loss of quality.”

The app works by taking all the extraneous bits of information like text, pictures and videos and compressing them to the Cloud so that you have less data that’s actually being taken up on your cell phone/mobile device or Wi-Fi — pretty handy if you are on a fixed data plan.

And best of all? The app is FREE!

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CNET, who tested the new app for mobile and Wi-Fi, determined that “On 4G, the savings on mobile data were huge with Opera Max saving 10.3MB of data from an 18.8MB data stream. On Wi-Fi, the savings were equally good with Opera Max saving 13.4MB of a 24.5MB data stream.

The big issue, though, was buffering speeds. Simply put, especially in HD, Opera Max slowed YouTube buffer speeds to a crawl with the video stopping once every seven to 10 seconds to buffer for another eight seconds. Needless to say, this makes watching HD videos very problematic and painful.”

Their advice? Drop down to a lower resolution on mobile and your buffering will be a lot better. If you’re on Wi-Fi, don’t bother with it.

Sounds good to us.

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