Photo-Hosting Site Imgur To Host Biggest Offline Meetup Ever … Odd

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So, get this: Imgur is having a giant meetup this week that they are claiming will essentially be the Million Man March of get-togethers: it will be huge.

According to their site on the matter: “We’re organizing it because — if you’re like us — you’ve made lasting connections on Imgur, you’ve seen the amazing things Imgurians have created, and you’re excited to get a rare chance to hang out with your internet family IRL. It’s going to be the biggest, bestest gathering of a community online since, well, pretty much ever.”

The event, which they are calling “Camp Imgur” is slated to start on Aug 7 and run through the weekend. And if you do go, it will cost you $150. Yeah, this just keeps getting stranger to you also, right?

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Camp Imgur, which will be located up in the extreme woods of Northern Calif. in a county called Mendicino (one down from where I grew up in Humboldt County, fyi) promises it will be hosting stand-up comedians, GIF makers, a banana expert, PBS, space experts from NASA, and more. Also, you’ll have the chance to meet the Imgur team and hang out around the campfire with your fellow, um, Imgur community.

Usually when Reddit attempts these things, they appear to be sparsely attended and full of the type of people who would make you want to find ways to lock your tent. Even then, they would just cut right through the side, I bet. Yeah, I feel like your best bet for this is to use the tent as a decoy and actually sit up in a tree with a crossbow all night. According to Imgur they have a lively community who really comes together. Perhaps Bigfoot is going to be in attendance?

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If you want to register for this thing, you can find out more details here. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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