Short Vimeo Film Worse Behavior Is Worthy of Your Eyes

When I come across an interesting film that I think y’all would kin to or an interesting storyteller that I think you should keep your eye on, I try and point him or her out. I’m in a neat position where I get to scour through a vast array of digital content, so it’s neat to be able to share the memorable stuff.

This short film by Peter Collins Campbell, called Worse Behavior has a lot going on for it that I dug on, and I’ve decided I will be watching to see what else Campbell crafts. It’s like discovering the work of Freddie Wong or some other really visual storyteller — you want more. It is by no means a perfect film — I sense {SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER!] that these two people are entering into a doomed relationship — she just seems too outgoing for the protagonist. He would bore her, count on it. But I love the filmmaking itself here, the act of putting the idea to film. Campbell tells his story gorgeously and it feels appropriately on Vimeo because it’s so artful in its look. If you need further proof, his demo reel will get you excited.

See for yourself above. It’s also featured on the fantastic short film site, so big shoutout to them.

If you like what you see, pass it along to a friend, so we know to keep featuring interesting digital storytellers.

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