Sourcefed Has New YouTube Channel Nuclear Family … Coming Soon?

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Damn you, Sourcefed

We’ve been sitting on this exciting news since a mysterious video posted to the Nuclear Family channel. Don’t ask us how we found out about it in the first place … we got a guy on the inside.

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But the video + the tweet has everyone speculating what it is, who is involved and what it might be.

I think whatever Nuclear Family might be, it will definitely be a fan of puns. We were hoping that something would drop today about it, but so far it has just been the lone tweet and that cryptic video.

Already Matt Lieberman and Bree Essrig two of Sourcefed’s new cast members along with Steve Zaragoza appear to be involved in the new effort, but that’s all we’ve got so far. Oh and some people think that this new project is why the Sourcefed channel proper has scaled back to one video a day. But that might not be it, so don’t go quoting us, New York Times.

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Look, we’re already running around the office in anticipation of this, can we PLEEEEEEEEASE have some more news already?

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