YouTube Gaming Is Slowing Down Regular YouTube, Say Whiners

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This is why we can’t have nice things.

Every time YouTube innovates, bunches of people crawl out of the woodwork to declare it is somehow ruining the pace at which they like to live their lives. YouTube Kids was hosting content that was “too scary” for some parents. YouTube’s Closed Captioning program is just awful, according to the deaf people that need them. And now YouTube Gaming is affecting lives, according to several on the r/YouTube subreddit.

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The complainers, who all claim YouTube Gaming is the likely culprit, have been grousing that an overflow of new traffic to the just-launched YouTube Gaming site is screwing up the bandwidth for the standard YouTube. Basically, they all say that the videos are now seriously lagging or completely unwatchable.

One user even posted his computer’s slow speed test as a demonstration of how slow YouTube is running — hopefully forgetting that the speed test measures your computer’s ability to process information and is not specific to YouTube.

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We’re on YouTube more than most people, and we didn’t have any issues with regular YouTube OR YouTube Gaming, so this might just be the busywork of a few fussies. We reached out to YouTube for some clarification as to whether this was even possible and it didn’t have something to do with, I don’t know, El Niño or millions of college students returning to school and thus clogging up their local service provider’s available bandwidth. They basically said y’all are crazy, so you know, sit on it and spin. That’s not quoting them verbatim, but sometimes you gotta read the subtext.

Let’s call this one Myth: Busted. Unless that’s a trademarked thing — then we’ll just say Myth: WRONG!


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