Teen Now Sex Offender Thanks To Dating App Lie

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Zach Anderson, a 19-year-old Indiana teen banged a girl he thought was 17. That’s because it’s what her profile said on Hot or Not, a social media dating app. It turned out she was actually 14. Naturally, Zach was arrested and tried on the matter. Now he’s on a sex offender registry.

But even after the girl admitted that she had lied and tricked Zach, the prosecutor and judge wouldn’t budge on the matter. The judge, (in our opinion) an old-fashioned knobjob, decided he didn’t like newfangled internet culture of people meeting up for sex and so he effectively completed the judgment of ruining Zach’s life. Even the mother of the girl did not think Zach deserved to be registered as a sex offender, but for now, he’s on the list along with child predators and sickos who got caught peeing in alleyways but didn’t have good legal representation (no, not me).

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Now Zach is banned from the internet, can’t go to parks or malls and has to move out of his house because his 15-year-old brother lives there. This is probably one of those things that bears closer scrutiny in an age of digital dating, both from the side of law enforcement, dating companies and app users. Nobody should be off the hook entirely here. And somebody get that judge to retire. He can sit on his porch whittling and quoting bible verses all he wants, but if he let personal bias ruin a man’s life, he probably shouldn’t be sitting behind the bench.

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