The Five Best Undersung Movies on Netflix U.S.

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Look, I get it: this is a bold statement to make. I haven’t seen ALL the movies, you and I have different tastes in our genres, and your opinion is straight up better than mine — to you at least. And yet, none of that actually matters because I’m a ballsy sonofagun who shoots straight and knows a thing or two about what awesome looks like. And that might frighten you a bit, but I do that thing where I stare straight into your eyes and nod my head slightly and you just somehow know I am right. I was going to do the five best movies on Netflix period, but here’s the deal: Annie Hall, The Exorcist, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, The Hurt Locker, Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, The Omen, Honey I Shrunk the Kids — these movies are all on Netflix right now. You can’t say that Grease 2 holds up with the absolute best movies, but you can say it holds up with the best underrrated movies.

So here are the five absolute best, no questions asked undersung movies on Netflix. What is an undersung movie you ask? It’s one that you would normally scroll past because “eh.” Do not scroll past these movies. That doesn’t mean these are good “date films,” mind you. If you want a date movie, watch 91/2 Weeks. You’ll get laid for sure. If you want to expand your emotional horizon though — these are your films:

5. Croupier

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Clive Owen back when he was an unknown. He’s cooler than James Bond here as he plots to rip off the casino he works for because bad guys are always cooler than good guys. If you want the explosions and derring-do go watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. If you want the flinty-eyed danger and ice cold actions of a cool dude, watch Croupier.

4. I Melt With You

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I can’t sell this movie enough to people who want to feel depressed and low. Starring Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane and a few other scrappers, this is the buddy movie we deserve in this jaded age. To say much more would spoil the dark fun.

3. Grease 2

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Make no mistake about it, Grease 2 is underrated. It’s roundly hated by most, but here’s the thing: it’s friggin’ AWESOME. I grew up with the movie and didn’t see the original Grease until later so I am biased, but I think Grease 2 has better songs, better action sequences and a much higher camp value than the original. Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer is as hot as she’s ever been here, just a goddamn angel. Watch this, hate it, let time go by, find yourself singing one of the many songs and then realize you LOVE IT.

2. Funny Games

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If Network weren’t around, this might be my favorite movie of all time. Funny Games, the Austrian one not the compromised nearly shot for shot American remake, is brutal. Two young men show up and absolutely terrorize a family. It has probably the most infuriating scene in any movie possibly ever — it’s so, so good that way. People absolutely love this film or they absolutely hate it. And that’s real art — there is no middle ground.

1. The Battered Bastards of Baseball

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Do yourself a favor — watch this documentary right this second. Leave work, stop lounging in your computer chair, tell your teacher to pound sand, do whatever you’ve gotta do to watch this amazing documentary about how Kurt Russell’s dad bought a minor league baseball team of motley misfits. This movie is like a real-life Mighty Ducks/Bad News Bears/Little Giants — only with grown ass men who do drugs and drink. It’s spectacular.


So there you go. You won’t find better undersung movies on Netflix right now. That comes with the Jeff Klima guarantee.


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