The Next Generation of The Young Turks Might Be You!

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The Young Turks, longtime vanguards of smart and fair reporting online, have decided to let you in on the fun as of late. Recently announcing a new component to their news media empire, they’ve decided to give you a shot at becoming the newest TYT reporter. The initiative, called TYT Next, launches on their sports channel TYT Sports today, allowing anyone with a camera to submit a video on a relevant topic that they’re passionate about.

Of course, considering it’s currently a search to find sports correspondents — or possibly even the next channel host — the thing you’ve got to be passionate about is sports. So there is that. But the unprecedented TYT Next program is a pretty amazing deal — if five of your videos get selected for airing, you become a paid correspondent! Once you’ve got an additional 10 videos that make it on the channel, you become eligible for channel hosting duties. Yeah, you can become a YouTube star on a MASSIVELY popular channel, just by crafting a few smart & heartfelt sports videos.

This is probably the best deal around in terms of scoring your dream YouTube job with The Young Turks, so my advice to you if you don’t know squat about sports: LEARN!

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But if you flat out hate sports but love TYT, there is still some silver lining — it looks like the TYT Next program will eventually be integrating to all their channels, so if politics or reporting on wacky internet pop culture happenings is more your thing, you won’t be left out in the cold.

If you want to get in on this early though, sports are the place to start. Watch the vid below for full terms and conditions:

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