UK Daily Mail Censors Period Blood In Article On Woman Fighting For Equality — Ahh, Irony

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Even your gecko is disappointed, England.

It’s almost like the setup to a bad joke.

The UK Daily Mail is catching flack now for choosing to initially censor the image of a woman’s period blood. The woman, Kiran Gandhi, got her period shortly before running in the London Marathon. Instead of not running the race or running with, as she says in her blog, “a wad of cotton material wedged between my legs just seemed so absurd.” So she decided to run and just let the blood flow. And flow it did. Noticeable to the point that the Daily Mail covered the story, the menstrual blood is a tell-tale dark blotch around her genitals … but readers of the paper’s women’s issue section wouldn’t know that because the UK Mail took her story about shining a light on inequality AND THEY CENSORED IT!

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The paper, realizing they dun goofed, ended up uncensoring the images, but not before putting a big exclamation point on the issue that Gandhi was attempting to call attention to. So, um, in that weird backhanded sort of way, good work, UK Daily Mail, you’ve now brought the issue that much closer to the forefront.

Here are the uncensored photos, courtesy of the Daily Mail now:

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