Vine Captures Sprinter Usain Bolt Getting Run Over By A Segway

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.09.05 PM

Joe Fleming’s Vine page just posted some pretty spectacular footage of the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, getting run over by a Segway. Occurring during the Track & Field World Championships in Beijing, China, the incident occurs when a cameraman loses control of his segway and smashes into Bolt, who had just finished defending his title in the Men’s 200 meter sprint.

Naturally, the internet has already gone conspiracy theory on this one, but this time it’s Bolt himself who’s leading the charge: “The rumour I’m trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off,” Bolt said to the Guardian. Gatlin, of course, is the guy who came in second.

Bolt said he would be okay after some ice and a massage, but damn if that Segway guy isn’t gonna be persona non grata in Jamaica, Bolt’s home country, for a long while.

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