Vine Offers Tour of Street Artist Banksy’s New ‘Theme Park’ Dismaland

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Love the brutally accurate street art of Banksy but can’t make it out to London? Vine has you covered. Banksy, the masked street artist who has been responsible for some of the most powerful comments on modern life, has created a theme park that mercilessly skewers Disneyland.

Dismaland, an interactive art installation with brutal guards, miserable tourists and dreary “rides” is pulling in the tourists to the west country of London, but fortunately, Vine has brought Dismaland to the web.

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Here are some of the best six second clips for your Disney-bashing delight:

Pretty nasty hit to the Mouse House right? Well it seems well worth exploring! Now how do we get tickets?

Share this or check out Mashable’s article on the matter, we totally yanked their idea. Up to you!

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