Viral Clip Becomes Controversial Discussion About Raising Children Correctly

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This Vancouver street performer was caught on video chewing out the parents of a child who tried to ruin his act — but it has eclipsed the normal life cycle of a viral video to become a strong debate on yelling at children and parental responsibility.

The two camps seems to split strongly on who the “bad guy” is, after footage of this street performer, Daniel Zindler, has gone viral with almost 800,000 views in just three days. As the footage shows, while Daniel attempts a dangerous balancing act, a young child runs out in the street and appears to push the street performer’s balancing tube in an attempt to make the performer tumble — a fall which could result in serious injury.

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Daniel lays into the kid and then his mother, finally winding up with the salvo, “Some people should use a condom.” Essentially Daniel appears to be saying that the mom is not fit to be a mother, which, while drawing general approval from the crowd, is the comment that largely raised hackles with certain elements of the video-watching community. And now we’ve got a discussion about the responsibility of parents versus how far strangers can go in their reprimands.

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Daniel, for his part, has since chimed in on the matter on Reddit, where much of the discussion is occurring. He states, “No regret in my response, except swearing (not at child!).” He then goes on to question the digital crowd, “What would you have done?”

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The Redditors involved in spreading the story and commenting largely make it clear that they agree with the performer as do many of the comments on YouTube that are populated around the hosting channel, Motorcycles Vancouver. The channel even asks that you especially subscribe if you agree with Daniel.

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But the descenters are there as well:

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So what do you think? Is there a right side and a wrong side? Did Daniel overreact? Are the Redditors who are calling for the kid to get cancer correct (Hint: no they are not!)?

This footage is now certainly a part of a larger debate revolving around strangers interacting with children and parents. Recently, a man was charged with reckless endangerment after giving a “wet willy” to a four-year-old he didn’t know and NBC recently broadcast a show called The Slap, a controversial series about a non-parent disciplining a child.


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