Vsauce3 Joins WME Hollywood Talent Agency with Caspar Lee, My CupCake Addiction

YouTube star Caspar Lee

YouTube star Caspar Lee

One third of the Vsauce family has signed on with WMEJake Roper, or as you know him Vsauce3. Additionally, The Fong Bros., Elise Strachan’s My Cupcake Addiction and Australian fitness star Emily Skye have all joined Roper and Caspar Lee as the latest additions to the WME agencies growing list of YouTube talent.

Other notable YouTubers already at WME include the Fine Bros., Lohanthony, Bart Baker and the Rocket Jump crew. It seems that Hollywood has realized the power of YouTube, something the E! Online people have failed to do. YouTubers have become the big draw for talent agencies in Tinseltown as the scene increases in popularity.

My Cupcake Addiction's Elise Strachan

My Cupcake Addiction’s Elise Strachan

Vsauce3, who covers science, pop culture and gaming is noted as being the fastest growing of the Vsauce channels, which were noted in Variety’s FameChangers article along with PewDiePie. He currently has 2.5 million subscribers to his channel.

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