Slow Thursday? We Recommend Watching Joe Dirt 2 For Free On Crackle

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Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser was one of those movies that was announced a while ago, we all got excited for and then promptly forgot. Apparently Sony, who released the original, sort of forgot too, because it ended up on their streaming video platform Crackle, for free. Really it came out almost a month ago on the site, but I mostly don’t pay attention to what Crackle does.

Turns out I should, because I liked the hell out of Meet Joe Dirt, the original, which came out in 2001. Long story short, I figured if I like Joe Dirt and didn’t know the sequel was up for free on Crackle, maybe you also didn’t. I’m kind like that.

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Of course, if you’re the sort who likes their news to ONLY be timely, then you will get a kick out of knowing that the the numbers have been released and it’s scored over two million views so far — pretty decent considering that it is on Crackle. Sorry, I was an early contributor on their site and Crackle kicked me off because my show was offensive and massively violating copyright laws. Long story long, feel free to check out Joe Dirt 2 above. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that like a proper sequel it just runs roughshod over the same jokes it made in the first one. But you’ll laugh out loud more than once … hopefully. No promises — our sense of humor is pretty sophomoric.

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